More images available within the month at no extra cost

So far, we have only made a single image available on - the principal original page of the RG14 Household (or Institution) Summary.

Within the next month, we will make the following images available at NO EXTRA COST.

If you have already bought the original page of the household original page, you will be able to view any associated images for free, simply by returning to the record you have paid for via the “My Records” area on the website. Any new images that you buy will have all the associated images available at the flat cost of 30 credits for the lot.

Not every search result will have all of the following images available but many households will.

Extra RG14 Household (or Institution) Schedule images:

  • The address panel from the back of the schedule, showing the address as written by your ancestors and the registration district and subdistrict
  • The front page of the volume in which your schedule was stored, giving more detailed information on parishes and districts
Extra RG78 Enumerator Summary Book images
  • The Front page of the volume in which the Enumerator’s Summary sheet was stored
  • Enumerator’s Summary original page - this not only shows the names of heads of households and how many people occupied the houses (showing you the neighbours), but also lists other buildings, whether houses or not.
  • Population statistics for the area
  • a description of the Enumerator’s walk
  • (in some cases) a map of the Enumerator’s walk
The Enumerator’s summary original page in particular is a real treasure trove of local information and can also help you unlock mysteries such as family living nearby.
Looking at one from my great-grandfather’s house in Hastings old town, as well as private houses, there are listed 2 pubs, many stables, a corporation store, the East Hill lift (!), rope huts, a mortuary, the Fisherman’s Church, what would nowadays be called a dump, and many more buildings. I can also see three families that remain family friends 98 years later living in the same row of houses!
We will update this blog once we have a firm date for the arrival of these images on the site.
UPDATE: June 18th - these images have now been added at the same time as the completion of the census, after some significant work in the past few months to get them ready for release. To view the extra images, you may need to load a fresh version of the page, especially if you are looking at an original household page that you have viewed previously. To do this, hit the CTRL and F5 keys on your computer together to reload the page, and new buttons should appear allowing you access to the extra images. Please be aware that some household schedules do NOT have Enumerators Summary Books as a small number did not survive.

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83 Responses to “More images available within the month at no extra cost”

  1. BARRY PRIOR Says:

    I think the price of credits is to high
    10credits for go is to much
    30credits for a full view

    but this my view only

  2. Chris Capps Says:

    The extra images are a valuable resource of information not previously available.

    But it would have been nice to have the choice about which of the images to download, depending on our particular requirements, and pay accordingly rather than the all or nothing approach. This may have helped avoid much of the negative feedback.

  3. rod williams Says:

    Regarding the address panel on the back of the schedules.I was one of those who paid the National Archives for a copy of the schedule for 6 Hope Square Ardwick in Manchester(back in 2007)The panel on the reverse has been filled in by the Enumerator ( in pencil I would say) not by my grandfather John Tatlock.His signature is on the front in ink .Also,when I searched for his name on this website I had no luck- until I typed in TALOCK ! I have come across numerous other very simple errors in the transcriptions. Having said that, it’s great to have the 1911 census two years early! Thanks.

  4. Andy W Says:

    While I do have a lot of praise for the content of the site, and the early release of the available information, I do have serious reservations regarding pricing of transcripts, and the lack of any reduction for those that go on to view the priginal page afterwards.

    Surely a fairer system, would have been to have a link from a transcript to an original census page. Thus if you have had to look at a few transcripts to get the right family, (which I have had to do), at least you would be discounted the credits that you paid for the transcript concerned.

  5. John B Says:

    I agree with Andy that if we must pay so much for the image of the census page, then the cost of looking at transcripts to find that page should be refunded. The information in the search results is frequently insufficient to positively identify the person one is looking for, at the very least place of birth should also be shown. I have not yet been even tempted to make a purchase because of the risk that I will be paying for irrelevant information.

    I shall wait until this census is available by subscription.

  6. Andy W Says:

    One oddity that I dont get, is that the “dissability” section is blanked out!.

    Was this down to yourselves at 1911census, or was it some condition of your contract with the National Archives?.

    I really wanted to see if any more was explained about the loss of a great aunts hand in the form.

    Will this be available in time?.

  7. Andy W Says:

    Still waiting to get a reply about exactly when these extra images will be available.

    If the site says that it will be “within a month”, they must know what date they will put this info on, so why not give out this information?.

    Also, on my previous post, I wondered why the dissability section was “blanked”, and customer service have yet to get back to me on that point either!!………

  8. iantester Says:

    @Andy: the disability section has been blanked because of the ruling by the Information Commissioner which allows us all early (but not total) access. See here for more information!

  9. Andy W Says:

    Many thanks iantester for that info.

  10. Andy W Says:

    Iantester, and the team.
    By not having access now to the dissability section of the original pages, does this mean that I will be able to access this info after 2011, seeing as I have purchased it?.
    OR, does this mean that I will have to purchase the original page, yet again?.
    While the extra info, such as the enumerator walks, are coming soon, (according to the site), what is the sites position on this subject, as having to purchase a scan again, when it was incomplete in the first place, (legislation notwithstanding), would be a cheek!!.

  11. Andy W Says:

    There are a couple of points to put to you at 1911.

    Why do some posts keep dissapearing?.

    Also, you have not given a firm date for the release of the “extra” images, that you have said will be available.

    Please, please, just say when they will be!!!!.

  12. mark Says:

    Any idea when we will see the extra images, you say within a month, that is nearly up.

  13. Andy W Says:

    Would iantester know why many blogs cannot be seen?.

  14. iantester Says:

    @Andy W: not sure what you mean here? If you mean that the comments do not appear straightaway, that is because we have to approve them before they appear on the site.

    I am happy to say that we have approved every single comment, positive or otherwise (although we have deleted a lot of spam on the way). As far as I know, only 1 post has been removed from the blog - this related to a loophole in the search which as now been fixed.

  15. mark Says:


    any comment on mine dated feb 7th 4.15pm

  16. iantester Says:

    @mark: I am waiting for an update on this - we are currently quality checking the images to assess their readiness for release and there are a few issues with recombining the images. As soon as I know a concrete date, I’ll let you all know.

  17. Andy W Says:


    2 points to make..

    1) Further to your answer to “Mark”, on Feb 10th, is there any more concrete info on the release of the extra images?.

    2) Re my post of Feb 1st. What is 1911census’s position regarding the problem of the dissability section of the original page?.

    By this, I mean will it be available to me in 2 years time, and at NO FURTHER cost to me?.

  18. iantester Says:

    @Andy W: no more concrete information on a date yet - the pieces are still being quality checked and until that’s complete we can’t give a firm date.

    On the redacted images - Happy to clarify that when the deadline passes, you will be able to see unredacted images at no extra cost. Redacted images will be replaced and you will be able to see the new versions of any that you have already purchased via “my records”.

  19. mark Says:

    not within the month then, ah well never mind!!!!!


  20. Karen Says:

    Do you think the extra pages will be available by the end of February or more likely March?

  21. Phil Taylor Says:

    Well more than a month has gone by & I’ve just paid for another search for one of my ancestors who is in an institution but again I cannot find any information about where this institution is as they are not on the front page - I assume it is a hospital as she is listed as a patient but I’ve no idea which one!!

  22. Mat Says:

    Is there any update on the extra images and when they will be available? Are we still looking at this month?

  23. iantester Says:

    @All: we have run into a few problems during quality control - at the moment we are looking at an April release (groan) but I will keep you updated on progress via this post.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any update on the extra images and if we are still looking at an April release?

  25. Bill Deverell Says:

    Msg for Phil Taylor

    Re Instutions - I had this probem too.
    Unfortunately the only way to get the name of the Instution is to pay for a transcript as well as the image.
    The transcript has the address info (well it does for Bermondsey Workhouse) but only a partial transcript of the pesronal data that is on the image (no occupation or place of birth).

    I drew this to the attention of the Customer Service Team during the Beta test.


  26. Mat Says:

    IanTester - Is there an update on image availability?, any chance before April?

  27. iantester Says:

    @Mat - latest update is that they won’t be ready before April but should be there by the end of April. Sorry this is slow work - they are a little more complex than we had initially anticipated.

  28. Richard Says:

    Iantester - Any update on the extra images?

  29. Joy Dean Says:

    This was announced in January but doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

  30. Joy Dean Says:

    Just noticed it says “should be there by the end of April.”

    I’ll look again in three weeks’ time :-)

  31. Lorna Says:

    Given that there are blatent transcription errors within the 1911 Census, are there any policies in place to renumerate people for their wasted credits trying to find if transcripts were correct or not before buying the original? I have a Culverwell, born in Leicestershire who was transcribed as Cubrewell from Leicestership! I can understand the name being mis-transcribed, but not the county.

    With this is mind, is there anyway to perform wildcard searches in the standard search form? The advanced search form has a compulsory section which I can’t fill in as I don’t know the district codes. This would make life a whole lot easier.

    Otherwise I’m enjoying having this extra info to hand. Thanks to all of the people involved for their hard work (even if it is incorrect in places).

  32. iantester Says:

    @Lorna: you can enable wildcard searching by clicking on the “Show advanced fields” option on the search screens - the Help icons next to each search term should give you information on how e.g wildcards work.

    @Richard, Joy: we’re going to take a decision shortly about whether to release them in their current format - not all images are currently available but the majority are almost ready to go. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when they’re ready for release.

  33. Joy Dean Says:

    Thank you. I am looking forward to it very much :-)

  34. Mat Says:

    Iantester, Any idea when the decision will be made around the image availability?



  35. Andy W Says:

    Ian & team……….

    Along with Mat, I am very interested in whether any date has been decided for the roll out of these “extra” images?.

  36. Mat Says:


    In your previous replies you have said a decision will be made shortly however still no word, will these images be released before the end of April?

  37. iantester Says:

    @Mat and others: sorry for the extended delay on this. At the moment we are trying to decide whether to release them with partial completeness (i.e not all schedules will have the data for the moment) or to wait until the data is 100% cleared up so almost all searches will result in a full set of images.

    At the moment I would say that it’s pretty much 50/50 between a partial release by the beginning of May or a full release in June. Will keep you posted.

  38. iantester Says:

    UPDATE: we have decided to do some additional fixing and Quality Assurance work on these before they go live to make sure everybody has as good an experience as possible - therefore we’re targeting the end of May as a release time.

  39. Joy Dean Says:

    I’d been looking forward to the end of April (said by you on 17th March).

  40. iantester Says:

    @Joy: so had I……we’re genuinely sorry this is taking a while - I hope the improved quality of what we’ll deliver makes up for the wait.

  41. Joy Dean Says:

    I’ll still look forward to it :-)

  42. Elliot Gilbert Says:

    Having waited many months for the enumerator records, I’d suggest releasing what you have.

  43. Peter Says:

    @Iantester - can we have a progress report for release of RG14 and RG78 please?

  44. Mat Says:

    @Iantester - Can you please give us an update on when these images will be available??

  45. Andy W Says:


    Its the end of May, so where are these extra images?.

    For a company making a lot of dosh from people who want to know their roots, your idea of announcing things leaves a lot to be desired.

  46. iantester Says:

    @all: we have decided to postpone the release of these images for the immediate future to allow us to focus on the completion of the Welsh records. As soon as we have a fresh timeline, we will communicate it.

  47. Tim Says:


    Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest news - even if it is _very_ disappointing to hear of yet another delay.

    Your previous posts suggest that this work is close to completion.

    I hope that the fresh timeline will be (a) short and (b) reliable. ;-)

  48. Joy Dean Says:

    That is very disappointing and unfair. It was supposed to be available months ago, then put off again and again. I feel let down.

  49. Jo Says:

    Jesus Christ.

  50. Andy W Says:

    Sorry iantester, but that excuse wont wash.

    For the past couple of months you have been claiming that these images would be ready at the end of May.

    Now, all of a sudden, all this work gets put on the back burner?.

    Rubbish, pure and simple!.

    As Tim so tellingly stated, “Your previous posts suggest that this work is close to completion.”, which is 100% correct.

    In the period May 1st to the 28th, nothing was reported by you as regarding a “problem” with the extra image date. This smacks far more of a cost cutting exercise, than any desire to speed up Welsh county releases.

    Again your companies lack of customer awareness is nothing short of diabolical.

    You havent really been up to letting us know in the past, so I certainly wont hold my breath to see if your reliability improves from the current nadir.

  51. Joy Dean Says:

    More images available within the month at no extra cost
    Thursday, January 15th, 2009
    So far, we have only made a single image available on - the principal original page of the RG14 Household (or Institution) Summary.
    Within the next month, we will make the following images available at NO EXTRA COST.
    If you have already bought the original page of the household original page, you will be able to view any associated images for free, simply by returning to the record you have paid for via the “My Records” area on the website. Any new images that you buy will have all the associated images available at the flat cost of 30 credits for the lot.

    The above, as one can see, was dated mid-January. You are being unfair on your paying customers. I request that you do as you had told your customers you would be doing - now - and not put it off again.

  52. anthony green Says:

    been trying to get on to the 1911 census but cant can you help me as i wont to get on to that censusurgently

  53. Marie Says:

    We have ALREADY PAID for these images, and through the nose, too. From being promised them in Jan/Feb, and now in June we are still no nearer seeing them.

    It is a disgraceful way to treat customers. Brightsolid will never get a penny more from me.

  54. anthony green Says:

    when will i be able to get onto the 1911 census still cant get on to it been trying but with any luke so come on get you act to gether

  55. William Beattie Says:

    Why oh why does everything in the UK have a price, Im lucky enough to have moved to Ireland and therefore have access to the 1911 Census for free,. having just returned from France i also find that there they have no road tax, its included in the petrol which is cheaper..? M.O.T. every 2 years, TV licence included in Household Tax so you can’t dodge it but of course the tax is cheaper,.. i am considering retiring to France as it appears to be a lot less stress free than the “New UK” with its “Jail for no TV Licence and we’ll crush your car attitude,..

  56. Joy Dean Says:

    “Within the next month, we will make the following images available at NO EXTRA COST.” - That was stated in black and white by you here mid-January. Please action this. Thank you.

  57. iantester Says:

    @all: we have already apologised several times for the delay in releasing the RG78s. I’m happy to do so again, but let me explain first why we have not released them yet.

    We initially thought that the RG78s were ready for release, but when we went through our Quality Control process, we discovered that this was not the case. We have had to make numerous changes to them to get them ready for release. Had we released them in an unsuitable format, I suspect that you would have been significantly more disappointed than you already are.

    As you can probably imagine, a project of this complexity often throws up unexpected errors as we perform quality checks. These errors can sometimes take significant time to fix, especially when we are still in the process of releasing records, which takes significant amounts of time and resource.

    In this case, we took a decision to focus on getting the missing counties out before providing the extra images, as I’ve explained elsewhere. As soon as we have completed that, the RG78s will be our next priority. Rest assured that we are making progress, and the images will be available in near future. At the moment I can’t give you a specific date, but when I can, I will.

    Again - we’re sorry that our initial estimates proved over-optimistic. We are incredibly keen to release these images because we know how valuable they can be to your research, and we understand why you’re champing at the bit to get hold of them. However, we also have quality standards to uphold - and that means that we won’t release them until they are ready.

  58. Joy Dean Says:

    Then you should not have stated publicly that they would be available “within the next month”.

  59. Andy W Says:


    No surprise’s, it still boils down to “Tough”………………..

  60. Joy Dean Says:

    As you have announced today

    - “We are pleased to announce that all counties in Wales are now available on the site,”

    and you had stated on 28th May

    - “we have decided to postpone the release of these images for the immediate future to allow us to focus on the completion of the Welsh records. As soon as we have a fresh timeline, we will communicate it.”

    Kindly advise us the new date, please.

    Incidentally, I am not champing at the bit. I would have happily waited until 1912 for the English census - though I am enjoying the privilege of the free Irish and Canadian 1911 census - but, having paid for images of immediate ancestors’ census returns, I anticipated seeing what had been promised by you.

    Kindly give this your urgent attention.

  61. iantester Says:

    @all: an update. RG78s now look in very good shape and we will have them live on the site before the end of June. We’re targeting next week, but be aware that that is an aspiration rather than a firm commitment at this stage.

  62. Joy Dean Says:

    Thank you. I shall check every now and then for a firm date from you.

  63. anthony green Says:

    why do i have to pay £83 +after free trials as i only wont to pay for one month at a time??????????????????????????????????

  64. iantester Says:

    @all: barring a major catastrophe, these images should be available within the next 24 hours.

  65. Joy Dean Says:

    Fingers crossed that no major catastrophe occurs :-)

  66. Re the 1911 census - do you remember this last January? - Family Tree Forum Says:

    [...] the 1911 census - do you remember this last January? blog Blog Archive More images available within the month at no extra cost Well, the news this evening is: barring a major catastrophe, these images should be available [...]

  67. mark Says:


    I notice all is complete, including overseas, navy etc, that was quick after wales. How do we see the extra images to go with the images we have already purchased. It might be me but I can not see any link to them. Please advise



  68. iantester Says:

    @mark: Hi mark, the images should now be available on most of the servers although there may still be a few that are updating and these will be complete in a couple of hours. Even when all the servers have finished updating, you may need to refresh the images page to show the new buttons. To make your PC load a fresh version of the page, simply hit CTRL and F5 keys together

  69. mark Says:

    Thanks Ian


  70. Sally Says:

    I brought up one of my images & could see there were new options at the top of the page. Not knowing what all the options meant I clicked on the first one ‘List’ & it came up with the original image of my family. I then hit the back button to choose the next option but it went back to ‘My Records’ page. Clicked on the ‘View’ image again but when the image opened there were no new additions at the top. Tried refreshing the page but still nothing.

    Went back to ‘My Records’ & tried all my images but no link to further info on any of them. What am I not doing that I should be doing?


  71. Sally Says:

    After turning my computer off then on again it seems to have sorted itself out & the Enumerators Book Pages are back at the top of the first image I opened. Havn’t tried the other’s yet but presume that will work OK.


  72. Joy Dean Says:

    Although it has been announced now that the enumerators’ books are available to be seen, I cannot see them! Should they be next to the images paid for or somewhere else?

  73. Joy Dean Says:

    I’ll try again another time - enumerators books appeared then when I clicked on it: “currently not available”

  74. Joy Dean Says:

    It is okay; they have appeared now :-)

  75. Toni Says:

    When I look at images I have previously purchased I can see extra buttons but if I click on them I am asked to buy extra credits.

    If these pages are free why is this happening?

  76. iantester Says:

    @Toni: can you report this to Customer Support and they’ll look into it for you.

  77. Toni Says:

    ok. Thanks for the reply Iantester.

  78. mark Says:

    Every time I look at one of the extra images that has a message saying that it is not available I get an email saying thank you for notifyng us of a transcription error type message. I am sure this is not right.

    Are these images which are not available going to be available at some time?


  79. mark Says:

    Still having the same problem I mentioned June 21st at 11:19.


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  83. Yanira Coryell Says:

    Yfter all thats enounced and done I m curious to obtain word the number of peoples truly realise the writer has merely revealed. Many thanks.

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