View the Enumerator’s Summary-Book pages at no extra cost

The pages from the Enumerators’ Summary Books are now available for the entire census. These pages are included in the cost of viewing an image, so if you’ve already viewed 1911 census images, you can now view the corresponding Summary-Book pages at no extra cost.

The Summary Books are a combination of descriptive and statistical information from the enumeration district. They can add depth to your 1911 census research and in some cases reveal new leads to other members of the family. The information to be found in the List and the District description is probably of most interest to the family historian and can give you an overall picture of your ancestor’s neighbourhood and its character.

The ‘list’ is a summary of the neighbourhood around your ancestor’s home. It lists all the buildings, describes their purpose, and includes other features in the area. For example, it might list an empty building plot between two houses, a storage yard, or a traveller’s caravan at the roadside, so It is a good way of getting a sense of the character of the area. It also lists the head of the household for each occupied building, so it may tell you if other family members lived nearby.

The ‘District description’ is also known as the ‘enumerator’s walk’ and describes the boundaries of the enumeration district, the parishes that lay within the district, and the contents of each parish. Since it notes streets and geographical landmarks, such as railway stations and other notable buildings, it can provide a good geographical outline of the enumeration district.

Extra RG14 household (or institution) schedule images

In addition, we’ve added two new images from the household or institution schedules (RG14s):

  • The address panel from the back of the schedule, which shows the address as written by your ancestors, plus the registration district and subdistrict
  • The front page of the volume in which the schedule was stored, giving more detailed information on parishes and districts.

Although they are less detailed than the Enumerators Summary-Book pages, these images give an improved sense of the original schedule documents your ancestors completed.

Please note: some 1911 census returns do not have accompanying Enumerator’s Summary-Book pages. There are none for British Navy ships or military establishment returns – the head of the establishment or ship’s captain was effectively the enumerator. And the Enumerator’s Summary Books for some parts of England and Wales have not survived, so will never be available online.

UPDATE: June 19th - we have reports of a few people experiencing problems viewing the new images. If you do experience problems please contact our Customer Support team, who can assist.

40 Responses to “View the Enumerator’s Summary-Book pages at no extra cost”

  1. Joy Dean Says:

    Cannot be seen though when I look at my grandfather’s household. Should it be right next to the paid for image?

  2. Andy W Says:

    Thanks for getting this to us.

    Problem is, some original pages do not seem to have any “extra” pages, and many times, a message comes up “sorry image not yet available”.

    If a page has no buttons showing, does that mean that there are no “extra” pages for that address AT ALL?.

    Will the images currently showing as “unavailable”, be available in the future?.

  3. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    Another batch of “transcription amendment” emails has arrived. Are they being generated just from viewing the extra images?

  4. Rod Williams Says:

    These enumerator`s summary book pages are great to see ! The cost of seeing the original images is now justified ! Many thanks.

  5. Joy Dean Says:

    … except for the one in which I was most interested -

    We are sorry but the image is not currently available.

  6. Paul Millington Says:

    I have no credits left, but should be able to see the summary pages for the pages I have already paid to see, sadly it invites me to buy more credits!

  7. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    Different images are downloaded with the same file name leading to inadvertent replacement. I noticed that having downloaded a household original ‘Cover’ page then an enumerator’s original ‘List’ page they had the same name. The latter replaced the former although they are different images. Both had (Cover) prefixed to the file name, eg.
    1) original householder page (the name here is a child in the family as parents were unknown for the search):
    LEIGHTON MARGARET (RG14PN30022 RG78PN1735 RD552 SD2 ED3 SN125)
    2) householder cover page:
    (COVER) LEIGHTON MARGARET (RG14PN30022 RG78PN1735 RD552 SD2 ED3 SN125)
    3) enumerator list page:
    (COVER) LEIGHTON MARGARET (RG14PN30022 RG78PN1735 RD552 SD2 ED3 SN125)
    I presume the last one should say (LIST) not (COVER)

  8. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    I spotted that the “transcription amendment” emails are being generated when trying to view eg an enumerator’s page that isn’t available. This happens even without clicking the Submit button to send feedback.

  9. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    BTW I am pleased with the info found in the extra images, so thanks!!

  10. The 1911 census is complete, so I can have a look at the enumerator’s summary books at last « The Wandering Genealogist Says:

    [...] finally the summary books have arrived at the 1911 census website, along with all the other remaining records, and the 1911 census blog [...]

  11. Matt Fletcher Says:

    Like Paul Millington above, I too have no credits remaining, and am being asked to buy more before it will show me the summary pages.

    For one record I’ve bought, I just get “We are sorry but the image is not currently available.” rather than a prompt for payment.

    What’s going wrong?

  12. Joy Dean Says:

    Enumerator’s book still not currently available.

    RG14PN2293 RG78PN78A RD26 SD5 ED8 SN275

  13. MikeT Says:

    I’m unable to see the buttons for these new pages and it seems to be due to the way that the pages have been coded which means that the buttons don’t display in Internet Explorer 6 (although they are there in the page code).

    I see no buttons in IE6, but if I use someone else’s computer with Firefox installed, I do see them.

    This doesn’t address the other issues about unavailable images, but may explain why some people are not seeing the buttons. The answer is either a tweak to the page code (trivial), or users are going to have to change their browsers (for some, that’s a nightmare).

  14. 1911 census « The Wandering Genealogist Says:

    [...] 2009 · Leave a Comment I wrote yesterday about the completion of the 1911 census and the availability of the enumerator’s summary books, and how I hoped they might help me solve a problem with regard to exact location of my 2x great [...]

  15. Graham Johnson Says:

    I have the same issue as Paul and Matt. I have no credits remaining and am being prompted to buy more to see the summary pages. I hope this is a bug representing lack of testing, rather than a deliberate act.

  16. Ally Says:

    If there are no Enumerator books or summary pages for the Royal Navy, how then do we know where our ancestors were on that particular night? I have found my chap and confirmed his age, occupation and place of birth but still want to know where he was. The cover page for the entry just says RN3.

  17. Linda Hedley Says:

    I still cannot access these extra records.

    Just received this reply :-

    Thank you for contacting us, Please find the answer to your enquiry below:

    Are you trying to access these additional pages via the ‘my records’ section of the site?

    They appear to be valid on your account.

    Kind regards

    The 1911 Customer Support Team

  18. Joy Dean Says:

    RG14PN2293 RG78PN78A RD26 SD5 ED8 SN275

    Regarding the above - will it be available?

  19. Linda Hedley Says:

    I received the e-mail below today:-

    Thank you for contacting us, Please find the answer to your enquiry below:

    This is an issue we’ve been made aware of recently and are currently in the process of correcting.

    In the meantime I’ve added a credit to your account to allow you to view these images without paying anything else.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards

    The Find My Past Customer Support Team

    Thank you so much for the help you gave by making credit available to view the extra information.

    I have found more about the neighbours and the district too.

    I really am greatful for the speed you sorted my problem.

    Thank you again

    Linda Hedley

  20. Joy Dean Says:

    Please let me know one way or the other:-

    RG14PN2293 RG78PN78A RD26 SD5 ED8 SN275

    Regarding the above - will it be available?

  21. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    @Ally: I have found naval relatives on ship and found that the Address page gives the ship’s name and position.

  22. Peter Calver Says:

    It is suggested the address panel “shows the address as written by your ancestors”.

    However, I suspect that in most cases it was completed by the enumerator (although not necessarily all at the same time - on some of the examples I’ve seen the name and address are in the same handwriting, but different inks).

    Unfortunately I can’t remember what the procedure was when I was an enumerator in 1971 - but perhaps someone else will know.

  23. Francis Payne Says:

    I have not found any address panels filled in by the head of household. All seem to by the enumerator.

  24. iantester Says:

    @Peter and Francis: your suspicions are correct - the back address panel was indeed filled by the enumerator not the householder and the interest in in comparing the two (I have some great examples of the differences). I shall get the post updated accordingly. Thanks for pointing out the error - oops…

  25. Joy Dean Says:

    RG14PN2293 RG78PN78A RD26 SD5 ED8 SN275

    This is still not resolved.

    Now: the heading Enumerators Book Pages is not there, but there is a heading Address and a heading Cover.

    Please advise when the Enumerators Book Pages heading will appear. Thank you.

  26. Joy Dean Says:

    Previous message given a gentle nudge.

  27. iantester Says:

    @Joy - some pieces do not have an ESB (some were lost), but some do have one which we are still matching up data for (now very few left to do). As soon as we have a definitive list of which ESBs are missing we will publish it so you can ascertain whether the ESB for your ancestor is lost for all time or just waiting for us to match it up.

  28. Joy Dean Says:

    Thank you. I hope that the enumerator’s pages have not been lost for my grandfather’s police house. If this were so, I would have bought the transcription instead of the image back in January.

  29. Joy Dean Says:

    Any news yet?

  30. Joy Dean Says:

    Any news?

  31. Christine Anderson Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please tell me when you are going to update the 1911 Census. There are quite a few of my relatives not listed on the 1911 Census. The areas affected are Cumberland, Northumberland and Durham. I have wasted quite a few credits downloading the wrong person. It always seems to be the North of England that gets neglected. I would like to purchase more credits but am reluctant to do so as I cannot afford to waste any more money on wasted searches.

    Christine Anderson

  32. Joy Dean Says:

    Any idea of a date when there will be news?

  33. iantester Says:

    @Joy - sorry for not getting back to you before - the list of missing RG78s is here -

  34. Joy Dean Says:

    Thank you. It is not in the link that you gave so, for the first time since you last posted, Ian, I checked the image again (I had been patiently awaiting your response before looking at it again); now the enumerators’ book pages are all there.

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