1911 Census subscriptions available in October

We are delighted to announce that the 1911 census will be available in October as a new subscription package on our sister website findmypast.com. 1911census.co.uk will continue as a PayAsYouGo-only site. findmypast.com is the only site to offer a subscription to the census.

Subscriptions to the 1911 Census on findmypast.com will be available as two packages:

  • 12 months ‘1911′ subscription: £59.95 - the equivalent of viewing 15 transcripts and images using PayAsYouGo credits.
  • 6 months ‘1911′ subscription: £39.95 - the equivalent of viewing 10 transcripts and images using PayAsYouGo credits.

Money saving tip: if you plan to view fewer than 10 households, it will be cheaper for you to use PayAsYouGo credits rather than buying a subscription.

The 1911 Census has not been included within findmypast.com’s existing Explorer subscription. If you want comprehensive access to findmypast.com’s records, you can buy the Explorer and 1911 Census subscriptions together at a special introductory price, for a limited time. These discounted prices will be available for at least a month after the launch of the subscription:

  • 12 months ‘Explorer and 1911′: £119.95 - a saving of 20%
  • 6 months ‘Explorer and 1911′: £74.95 - a saving of 20%

Existing findmypast.com subscribers will be able to upgrade to the new combined subscription using their loyalty discount (currently 20%) at any time - if you decide to upgrade, we will automatically refund the remaining days of your current subscription at a daily rate and deduct this from the price of your new upgraded subscription. Existing findmypast.com subscribers will also get exclusive early access to the 1911 Census before it is made available to the general public.

The 1911 Census will be available as a subscription on findmypast.com no later than October 21st - to receive updates on the launch date, make sure you have opted in to receive newsletters from 1911census.co.uk or findmypast.com.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use your 1911census.co.uk sign in details and credits on findmypast.com, and vice versa. If you plan to buy a 1911 Census subscription, now is a good time to use your remaining credits on the millions of other family history records available on findmypast.com. We’ll add more detail on the 1911 census subscription to the site shortly - if you have any questions at the moment, please contact our Customer Support team.

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94 Responses to “1911 Census subscriptions available in October”

  1. Edward Hawkins Says:

    I took out the Explorer subscription because it was implied that it would include access to the 1911 census. I am very disappointed that FindMyPast will now be asking for more money from me for something which they suggested I would be receiving in my subscription.

  2. mark Says:

    £60 quid!!!!!!! (sorry £59.95). That is I think a bit much to ask.
    Half that price and I might have gone for it. I will have to give it some thought before I commit.
    I think I would have to give up my explorer subs first if I wanted to go for the 1911 subs.


  3. jean Says:

    I also took out a subscription to findmypast explorer, believing that it would include access to 1911 census during 2009. I cannot find the small print which says this would be at additional expense. I suppose it is buyer beware!!!!!

  4. Sandra J Smith Says:

    As a “one-namer” I am delighted that the 1911 census will be available on subscription. However, whilst I appreciate that the investment has to be paid for, this subscription for one set of records is TOO MUCH.
    Why can’t there be a one off payment for a month’s access - say £10 - that is all I need!
    You may argue that the proposed sub is only just over £1 per week - I am a pensioner on a very limited budget - and that is something I just cannot tolerate. It is bad enough trying to find the explorer sub each year.
    Please think again!

  5. Pauline Kennedy Says:

    I’m also a “one-namer” and have been hanging on for a 1911 subscription package so I can look at all the relevant entries. My feeling is that the prices are quite reasonable and will cost me considerably less than PAYG.

  6. Marie Says:

    Indeed it was strongly implied in the Christmas marketing campaign that subscriptions would include access to 1911. There was no hint of supplements then. The advertising was very misleading.

    I would urge those who feel that they have been misled to take this up with Brightsolid.

  7. Katie Says:

    I agree with Marie, Jean and Edward. I also took out a findmypast explorer package on the understanding that 1911 would be included later this year. There was nothing in the advertising to suggest additional costs would be incurred. It’s all rather disingenuous but, I guess, we should all have foreseen it.
    I expect that most people will find the extra and Brightsolid will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. Catherine Says:

    Could we have clarification whether the 20% loyalty discount for existing FMP members is in *addition* to the introductory month discount for the combined subscription - e.g. making the 1 year subscription £95.96 (minus any refund of existing subscription) for existing members upgrading during the first month? Or is it £119.95 for everyone in the first month, and existing members only get the loyalty discount benefit after that?

    There is some confusion on this in discussion on some message boards. Thanks.

  9. mark Says:

    It is a shame they didn’t tell us earlier that it would this much to subscribe.
    I would have held off buying any credits and used what I have spent on my subscription. Ah, but that ment I would have spent less money on “1911″, and find my past would have had less money coming in. I can only assume the details have come out now as the rush to use the site has most proberly died down (the blog has been very quiet) and not many of us are buying credits.

    PS. I too was mislead when renewing my subs at the end of last year>

  10. mark Says:


    Even with all the moaning I tend to agree with you, we will find the extra money as this is our hobby and interest.
    I take it the NA will get a cut of the money and inturn it will go to Brown and his cronies in Goverment.


  11. iantester Says:

    @catherine: no, it is not in addition to the introductory discount - it is as you correctly state: “£119.95 for everyone in the first month” existing subscribers get this price whenever they wish to choose it, and also get early access.

    @all: When we finance a digitisation project of this size, we cannot reasonably be expected to keep the prices of subscriptions unchanged as I am sure you will appreciate.

    We have never said that the 1911 will be included in the Explorer subscription (and certainly not at no extra cost). What we wanted to avoid was having to increase the price of Explorer (which we have kept constant for 2 years now, unlike many of our competitors, despite adding many more records) now for everyone when some Explorer subscribers would have only limited interest in the 1911 Census and may have done their research already using PayAsYouGo credits. Our aim is to provide choice and to allow those who want extensive use of the 1911 Census to get that at a cost-effective price whilst keeping access to the core records affordable for those that simply want those.

  12. Katie Says:

    How do the Irish Archives manage to digitise their 1911 census in a similar way to ours and have it freely available to all? I appreciate it is much smaller than the English and Welsh one but so is their current population so per head the cost must be about the same.

  13. mark Says:


    The Irish goverment must fund it all.


  14. Katie Says:

    Yes Mark, I’m sure they do - our government just sold our off ( presumably to the highest bidder ) to help fund their little “projects” around the world.

  15. Marie Says:

    “We have never said that the 1911 will be included in the Explorer subscription”

    The point is that you didn’t say it wouldn’t be. Which you should have done. A lot of people have been misled, and rather than talking about Brightsolid laughing all the way to the bank, they should be thinking more in terms of getting Brightsolid crying all the way from the court.

  16. Sally Says:

    “Existing findmypast.com subscribers will be able to upgrade to the new combined subscription using their loyalty discount (currently 20%) at any time”

    Please advise whether this “20% loyalty discount” is on top of the “special introductory price saving 20%” or is it just one in the same?

    I am another researcher misled into purchasing an explorer subscription for the purpose of 1911 research.

    Looking forward to a response.

    Regards, Sally

  17. Peter Says:

    The issue of whether the government should charge for access to census and other records is a difficult one. As a family historian I’d like them to be free, but on the other hand, I can see that people who don’t share my interests might resent their taxes paying for my hobby.

    I guess it’s a similar position with findmypast and the 1911 Census. They could have rolled it into the Explorer subscription, but then the price would have had to go up - which would have been unfair for anyone who’d already done their 1911 research using credits.

  18. Marie Says:

    “They could have rolled it into the Explorer subscription, but then the price would have had to go up ”

    They SHOULD have rolled it into the Explorer subscription, since that is what they implied would happen. I do not see that it follows that the price would have “had to go up” - I suspect that many more people would have signed up for a sub than will do now.

    This could have been handled much better, without betraying people’s trust, and I doubt any revenue would have been lost. Certainly a great deal of trust and goodwill has been thrown away through greed.

  19. Tim Treeby Says:

    Having re looked at all e-mails received from FindMyPast, would agree that Christmas Sale e-mail implies that 1911 would be included in Subscription Package.

    ‘Why join now? 2009 is going to be a big year!

    2009 will see us finish our new versions of the last two England & Wales censuses (1851, 1901), add images to the 1881 census, and most importantly, will see us add the brand-new 1911 census later in the year.

    We will be the only website to include the 1911 census next year, meaning findmypast.com will be the only place to find the complete censuses 1841-1911. ‘

    But one dated 30th Jan 09 definetly makes clear that they would do what they have done now.

    ‘The census will be available on findmypast.com later this year, as part of a brand new subscription package. Existing findmypast.com subscribers will be offered an add-on package at a preferential rate. ‘

    So cannot really complain about paying more for subs package for 1911 access. Which is why i specifically held off buying a subscription untill they had announced the prices. Wether i agree with the price or not is another matter, but the fact that will be cheaper for me than doing PPV by a very long way will almost certainly at least pay for the 1911 Subs.

  20. The 1911 census coming to findmypast.com on subscription « The Wandering Genealogist Says:

    [...] and for six months it will be £39.95. Further details can be found on findmypast.com and the 1911census.co.uk blog. The 1911 subscription can also be bought (or upgraded) along with the normal Explorer [...]

  21. phil Says:

    We are the public, these are public records which we have had to complete often under penalty of law if we don’t, they are stored at our expense, the people who look after them are paid by us and we had to pay to view them so a private firm can make a profit!!! somethings wrong here.

  22. Judith Says:

    Disappointed, but can’t say I’m surprised.

    However I’d like clarification regarding this:

    “if you decide to upgrade, we will automatically refund the remaining days of your current subscription at a daily rate and deduct this from the price of your new upgraded subscription.”

    Will the exact amount that the individual current subscriber will have to pay, including this refund, be shown very clearly BEFORE the credit card details are entered and payment confirmation submitted? I sincerely hope so, I don’t want to make a payment and then wait and see how much refund I’ll be getting, I want to know EXACTLY how much it’s going to cost me before payng.

  23. Jack Says:

    Would the “Fair Usage Policy” apply to the 1911 subsciption restricting us to a maximum of only 25 downloads per month for both transcript and original pages or is it possible that you will reduce the credit charges.

  24. iantester Says:

    @judith - yes, we’re working on this now - your discount will be calculated on the spot and taken away from the amount you need to pay at that point - there won’t be a delay waiting for a discount to be applied later.

    @jack - we will be reviewing the Fair Usage Policy in light of the 1911 Census launch and resetting it (almost certainly higher) based on average usage over the first few weeks. Please be aware that the Fair Usage policy is designed only to protect us against exceptionally high usage of the records (and therefore keep subscription prices down): it is not designed to stop people using the records for their research. There is a good explanation of how it works on the findmypast blog, here is the link: http://blog.findmypast.com/2009/02/fair-usage-policy-for-subscribers/

  25. Jack Says:

    Thanks for your reply. I hope the limit is set considerably higher

  26. john Says:

    i dont understand why every one is moaning if they subscribe to Ancestry they would pay more than this without the 1911 census.
    people are never satisfied and want everything for nothing.
    i am a 70 year old on state pension but it is still a good deal.
    if you want it buy it if not dont.

  27. mark Says:


    I did not pay more on Ancestry (you would with world wide subs).
    FMP with out 1911 is 89.95.
    I did not pay more than that with Ancestry.
    FMP and 1911 would be 89.95 plus 59.95 = 149.90.

    So you are saying that Ancestry subs (not including world wide) is more than 149.90. (world wide is 155.40).

    What are you paying then.


    PS If I have made a mistake I stand corrected.

  28. mark Says:

    I just noticed that Ancestry essential sub (no pre 1837 and no Irish is £83) and their premium is £107. This is still cheaper than FMP and 1911 together.

  29. iantester Says:

    @all: Explorer & 1911 Census combined will be £119.95 at launch.

  30. Pauline Says:

    does the “fair use policy” mean that downloads for the 1911 census will be limited to approx 30 images per month or less if you use both the transcript download and image?

  31. Tony Says:

    Hi Pauline..are you suggesting there will be a limit on the images and downloads numbers.
    I certainly hope not if I am paying for access at that price.
    Why should there be ?

  32. Pauline Says:

    @Tony from FMP website
    .1 To ensure a high quality service for all customers, we enforce a “Fair Usage Policy” for Users with a Subscription whereby we place a cap on use of the Services. We have set the current use limit at an average of no more than 1000 Credits per month over a rolling three month period.

    6.2 We may revise our Fair Usage Policy from time to time and will advise you of any changes made.

    6.3 If you exceed the Fair Usage Policy limits, We reserve the right to invoice you retrospectively for all Credits used at the rate of 12 pence per Credit and to suspend or terminate your use of the Services

  33. Pauline Says:

    @Tony from FMP website I think this may apply to the 1911 census
    .1 To ensure a high quality service for all customers, we enforce a “Fair Usage Policy” for Users with a Subscription whereby we place a cap on use of the Services. We have set the current use limit at an average of no more than 1000 Credits per month over a rolling three month period.

    6.2 We may revise our Fair Usage Policy from time to time and will advise you of any changes made.

    6.3 If you exceed the Fair Usage Policy limits, We reserve the right to invoice you retrospectively for all Credits used at the rate of 12 pence per Credit and to suspend or terminate your use of the Services

  34. Tony Says:

    Hi Pauline
    I read with interest your explanation of “fair usage Policy”.
    Nothing more needs to be said.
    Thank you.

    How strange you need to say it twice though lol.


  35. Pauline Says:

    oops don’t quite know how it posted twice! sorry.

  36. Pauline Says:

    Ian tester as replied further above with this reply to fair usage :
    @jack - we will be reviewing the Fair Usage Policy in light of the 1911 Census launch and resetting it (almost certainly higher) based on average usage over the first few weeks. Please be aware that the Fair Usage policy is designed only to protect us against exceptionally high usage of the records (and therefore keep subscription prices down): it is not designed to stop people using the records for their research. There is a good explanation of how it works on the findmypast blog, here is the link: http://blog.findmypast.com/2009/02/fair-usage-policy-for-subscribers/

  37. Pauline Says:

    that should of course be “has” replied!

  38. Tony Says:

    Hi Pauline
    Thanks for getting back and explaining.
    So how many census images can I download with 1000 credits.

  39. Jack Says:

    Hi Tony
    At the present rate of credits you would get 25 downloads per month for both transciption and original images or 33 original images only. Of course if you are a subscriber to FMP you could not download the maximum amount of 1911 images and still use your subscription for other downloads since I would presume that the limitation would be combined. If this were the case it strikes me that you would be better off forsaking the £11.90 you would save with 20% off and take out a seperate 1911 subscription at £59.95 for a year in a different name so you would have 2 seperate limitations for each of the FMP subscription and the 1911 subscription. You would still get 20% loyalty off your FMP subscription at renewal.
    We do not yet know if FMP will revise the fair usage limit, perhaps they will think of a fairer method for existing FMP subscribers.

  40. iantester Says:

    @Jack and others: I can confirm that we will be resetting the fair usage higher as in my comments above, based on usage of all records after the launch of the 1911 Census. As previously explained, the Fair Usage limit is rarely enforced and designed to catch abuse of a subscription, not restrict the family historian who is using records for intensive research.

  41. Polly Rubery Says:

    Well I am EXTREMELY disappointed!!!!

    Not with the price, which I thought was very fair, nor with the cap (which I do not like and it’s funny how Ancestry don’t impose one - and you do invoke it, because I have been threatened with it in the past), but I now discover that my new enhanced subscription does NOT give me access to the 1911 census as promised AT ALL!!!

    All you get are the household images, with an option to scroll forwards and backwards.

    WHERE ARE all the other images?

    And the images are not saved against my account on the 1911 website, so I cannot view them there.

    I think the matter of a court case is not such a laughing matter after all.

  42. Anna Says:

    I am also a bit disappointed that the additional images aren’t there - I have to view the transcript as well as the image just to figure out the full address, which ups the number of “credits” used.

    However, my major concern is that, as mentioned, the images viewed aren’t saved in 1911 census site. Come 2012 when the non-redacted images become available, I was expecting to be able to log in to 1911 and download the new versions without it costing me any more, but it doesn’t seem like that will work with those I’ve viewed under the subscription. Does that mean I’m going to have to pay for another subscription then to get the full version of the images?

  43. Mary Says:

    Is it possible to search & view the images on the 1911 site instead of Findmypast? I prefer to use the advanced search which is not available on FMP site. I would also like to have the other documents available.

  44. Polly Rubery Says:

    I have emailed the support team asking if this is an oversight, but if not asking for my money back and my subscription to be returned to its previous level.

    If not I will take the matter up with Trading Standards, as I have re-read all the information given out with this offer and on the website, and no-where is it made clear that you are not getting full access to the the 1911 census with this subscription.

    The only thing it does say is that the 1911 census website will remain a pay-per-view website, so the only way to access the full set of images is down that road.

    However (unless there is a time limit on the retention of the viewed images) the updates to those previously viewed should(???) remain free as I understand it Anna (but then I didn’t understand about the access to the 1911 census via FMP either, so there’s reall no telling…:-(

  45. Jean Says:

    Surely this is a technical error - the access to the ‘additional pages’ must be part of the subscription package.
    The only reason given in the sales pitch above for using pay-as-you-go is if you want fewer than 10 look-ups.
    The is no mention that pay-as-you-go gives an ‘enhanced product’ - or that the subscription gives a ‘restricted product’.
    I also expected a link between my pay-per-view purchases and my subscription purchases.
    Has FMP rushed to get this subscription out without the proper backup

  46. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    I took up the early sub offer on FMP since, with the discounts, it was only a few pounds more than the Explorer sub. However, I too am extremely disappointed and annoyed at the absence of the additional pages. I had expected the search and links would be the same as on 1911census. Hah! I have also noticed that a similar search on each site may produce different results, eg a simple person search on FMP had three hits, two of which gave error messages - which were different on the two viewers, standard and advanced - where 1911census only produced one hit.
    I’ve sent in a feedback message to complain about the lack of the additional pages, but am still waiting on an answer.

  47. Dominic Francis Says:

    I am suprised that it is not possible to access the dedicated 1911 census website using my findmypast.com login so I can get access to the enumerator pages, etc. Surely this should be included in the cost of the joint explorer+1911 subscription?

  48. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    To add to my comment about different search results on the two sites: I just did a small test searching on a surname and birth county only. On FMP I got 0 results, on 1911census I got 8. This is surely not right. They can’t be using different indexes, can they? Something is seriously wrong.

  49. Hugh Watkins Says:

    I am very happy to pay the extra fee

    but how do I find an institution like The Tower of London.
    barracks or work houses

    or George V born 3 June 1865 who ruled 6 May 1910 –20 January 1936

    “Search Time Out

    Your search has taken too long to process and has therefore stopped.
    Either try resubmitting your search or redefine to reduce the size of the search you are attempting.”

    george King 1865 london

    of course he could be in France for example

  50. Mary Taylor Says:

    I am another who was expecting the 1911 to be part of the regular subscriptiion, from the early advertising. Having already seem quite a number of 1911 images over the last few days, I happened to read the Fair Use policy, and realised two things:
    1. There is, as far as I can see, NOWHERE on the site that tells me how many credits I have used already this month. That means that I could get hit by retrospective charges at no notice, which seems excessively unfair.

    2. I am doing a one-place study - nowhere is that allowed for on this site, and to see the records for one small market town under the fair use policy will take months (probably over a year), at around just ONE image a day.

    As a result I have stopped all usage of the site for the next month, as I cannot possibly afford to run into extra charges on top of the extra subscription. This, according to what I now see above, will in turn mean that the Fair Use limits will be set lower than if I had kept going. Catch 22 here.

    I am extremely unhappy with this. I have now paid more, for a much more limited use of the whole site, and will have to wait for a month before I dare use the site at all. This smacks of extremely sharp practice.

    If FMP could give us a limit of, say, 4000 units (that’s really the MINIMUM), that would let us keep the 1000 existing units for the rest of the site, and give us 3000 for the 1911 images. That equates to 100 images a month - still not enough, but a lot more in line with having charged us so much extra for what so many had expected to receive in with our regular subscription.

  51. Jean Says:

    BEWARE of another problem that may affect the FAIR USE policy quota.
    When an original record is viewed then - as expected - the VIEW tag turns red to show the record has been accessed.
    But if you redefine the search (ie restrict the location) then the VIEW tag does not show red - I assume from this that if I select the record again it will count double on my FAIR USE quota.
    I have emailed customer services but have not recieved a reply.

  52. John Says:

    It would appear that the Help and Advice section of the main FMP site has recently been updated and now includes the 1911 census. In the Frequently Asked Questions part there are answers to some of the later questions posed in this thread. For example it is implied that at a future, unspecified, date the RG78 images will be made available.
    See http://www.findmypast.com/helpadvice/faqs/1911census/index.jsp
    With a large list of potential downloads I am also concerned about the lack of information regarding the update to the Fair Usage quota.

  53. Jean Says:

    Thank you John - the FAQ covers a number of aspects - and raises new ones - particularly about the Fair Usage policy.
    What happens when the enumerators pages are available - presumably I will incur additional Fair Usage tally on all the records where I have already viewed the Original Page?

  54. John Says:

    I fear so Jean but hopefully Iantester will be back soon to clarify the situation and let us know what the new quota will be.

  55. Mary Says:

    Received an e-mail this morning to say that the new Fair Usage limit is 5000 credits per month.

  56. Tony Says:

    Thanks Mary…but why not do it the way Ancestry does, unlimited access and be done with it and get the max money from the folks that WOULD be happy to pay without any argument and get rid of all the hassle I am reading about.

    I am sure that would make everyone happy while not forgetting there will be some that abuse it and many who will just be casual users and after a couple of months willl be using it very little but have still paid a reasonable subscription.

    So at the end of the day it must average out I would have thought. Ancestry obviously thinks so.

    Just not sure why this credit and fair usage limit is such a problem to sort, just get rid of it.

  57. Roy Cox Says:

    I took out a subscription earlier in the year to “find my past” as it was implied that the 1911 census would be added later in the year. I now find that I need to pay nearly as much again to add it. Do I feel conned? I certainly do! I will be going back to “Ancestry” asap and I will never touch “find my past” again, furthermore I will not recommend it to anyone.

  58. mark Says:

    My subs finish in February next year and I will NOT be renewing. I will subscribe to Ancestry alone.

    The price of FMP and 1911 is just too much.


  59. iantester Says:

    @all: just to let you know that we raised the fair usage limit earlier this week to 5000 credits per month as an interim measure, so you should have no worries about using the 1911 Census within this new limit. We will continue to review the limit and set a new one shortly based on activity in the coming weeks.

    We cannot yet give a firm date for adding the extra images to the 1911census on findmypast.com but it will be soon - please bear with us as we finalise a technical solution. We thought it more important to give you a service quickly, and the additional images will be available shortly.

    Do note that the service on findmypast.com is completely separate to that on 1911census.co.uk - as such they offer slightly different features, and use a different search engine which may mean that search results differ between the two websites. However, the underlying data is identical as are the images. This is all explained in the FAQs on findmypast.com which John has very helpfully provided a link to a few comments above this one.

  60. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    “We thought it more important to give you a service quickly”

    Oh dear, please not a rush job!

    I believe the expection of users has always been that the subscription service would provide the same access as the current pay-as-you-go, with the same search engine. This expection has been completely dashed, and we are offered the limited search engine as for the other censuses on findmypast. This in the name of consistency. I for one would have preferred the inconsistency of having the much better search engine for the 1911 census, perhaps with this engine eventually retro-fitted to the earlier censuses.
    Anyway, since the underlying data for 1911 is not exactly consistent with earlier censuses, ie we have the householder returns together with the enumerator summaries etc, the 1911 census deserves a newer search engine.

  61. iantester Says:

    @Ian: not a rush job, but an early preview of the service: the official launch is not until October 21st.

    In terms of the search, our testing has found the findmypast.com search engine to be very similar to the one on 1911census in terms of rendering results - the results will sometimes vary but it also has some powerful features working in the background that you will not find on 1911census.co.uk and which have been refined over several years and the digitising of 8 censuses. Try the advanced search tab to uncover more goodies.

  62. iantester Says:

    @all - I am pleased to tell you that the extra images, including RG78s, are now available on findmypast.com in time for the official launch of the subscription service.

  63. Jean Says:

    I tested the new images and the buttons to view the images are displayed in the header of the Original Schedule. ‘On mouse over’ each button displays the caption - ‘This image is free to view’.
    This works wonderfully and gives a good service.
    Now for the downside - to display the Original Schedule I had to select ‘View census image’ on the 1911 census search results page - and this ‘costs’ 30 credits or a charge on my subscription.
    I had already downloaded the Original Schedule 10 days ago - but now my subscription will be charged for a second time in order to access the additional pages.
    Where is the benefit of early access for existing subscribers?

  64. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    @iantester - 1911census is labelled “powered by findmypast.com”, like at the top of this blog. So where did the 1911census search engine come from?
    Irrespective of this, I should expect a simple search on a person’s name, no variants etc, to produce the same results on each site given they are both working with the same data and, I hope, the same transcriptions of this data. If you start complicating the searches then perhaps different results may arise because of different handling of variant data in the search fields.
    Another irritation is also apparent. Having downloaded many images from 1911census over the past months, I now find that not only are the findmypast images in djvu format (for consistency with the other censuses I suppose but annoyingly different from the jpg format of 1911census) but the filename format is completely different.
    I never did understand why findmypast in its original incarnation chose djvu, requiring a special viewer, over jpg or even tif for its images.

  65. iantester Says:

    @Jean - no need to worry, your subscription allows you to view as many records you like within reason, so you are not being “charged”.

    @Ian - If you “switch to standard viewer” on the image window on findmypast, you will get the images as jpegs - both images are of identical quality for the 1911 Census. You’re only seeing DjVu because this is what is set as your default viewer from your previous use of the site, and you can change this simply. Hope that helps! We are reviewing the filename format across all censuses so we will change this if we can find a more user-friendly solution.

  66. Ian Thirlwell Says:

    @iantester - thanks for the suggestion. Having been using findmypast for some years, since the BMDs went online (old 1837online system), I hadn’t realised there was a different viewer. I had recently found an alternative which was to open in Irfanview on download and save as jpg, but the standard viewer may be more convenient.

  67. Brian Says:

    Why not share a sub ? / Sub let it / Would anyone know
    After all you paid for access but not by whom !
    I took out the 6 month deal with FMP and did a search on everything that I had previously listed for 1911 - The sub was better than PPV.
    Only took a few days, big pile of paper plus image downloads.
    Now need enter to tree software and check.
    No doubt I shall find a few more - plus some backtracking.
    So while the Sub was sort of better ‘Value’ I still didnt need the timescale.
    Why not monthly or quarterly ?
    A 6 month sub of £75 is far too expensive
    The transcriptions are not presented the same way as the 1911 site either [Less]

  68. Sally Says:

    I have received an email from Findmypast for ‘NewTerms and Conditions Updates’ which says
    “Fair Usage limits – we have dramatically increased the monthly Fair Usage Limit for subscribers and simplified how we calculate it. The new limit is a huge 5000 record views per month and we will send a warning email if you start to get close to this limit. We will also be introducing a counter on the website soon to let you see how close to the limit you are getting”.

    It is after midnight here so not sure if I am reading this right - does it really mean that I can look at 5000 images per month or do I need to go to bed and look at the email again in the morning?

    Good to know I will get notified when I am near my limit and I look forward to the counter so that I can check my own downloads.

  69. iantester Says:

    @Sally - I’m happy to confirm this is the case. The Fair Usage limit is designed to catch people abusing the service, not to stop you doing your family history. It has been set by looking very closely at the data showing how people use the site, and we hope you’ll agree that 5000 views a month should be plenty for personal research!

  70. Sally Says:

    @Iantester - Thanks for your reply, I am sure a lot of frowns have now turned to smiles. This new limit will make it a lot easier for researchers to do one name studies or like myself, one place studies.
    Well done Findmypast.

  71. Pat Slugocki Says:

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