Homeless men recorded in 1911 census

We’ve made a fascinating discovery in the 1911 census which shows that you didn’t have to be living in a house on census night to be recorded.

This census return details 10 homeless men ‘found in open air’ on census night. The men’s ages range from 23 to 62 and all were employed; their professions include cigar maker, farm labourer and boot maker.

Most of the men were born in London, but one of the men was born in Atlantic City, New York State, US.

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The registrar has signed the form with the following comment: ‘Copied from Police Reports of Homeless Persons Enumerated as sleeping out 2/4/11′.

It is discoveries such as these which give us a wonderfully detailed picture of the different lives that were captured on census night.

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3 Responses to “Homeless men recorded in 1911 census”

  1. Sharon Mangini Says:

    The person listed Geoffrey Westcott, wood carver, found in open air, I think you will find he is born America, Atlantic City, New York Street, rather than New York state. It is just my opinion. being familiar with the area and it appears there is no city/town/village in New York state by that name.

  2. Doug Says:

    Geoffrey Westcott, the one born in USA is also recorded asbeing in a house in London on the same census.

  3. Ali Khalid Says:

    Great discovery.. Geoffrey Westcott was a great person..

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