View previously hidden details of your family’s health in 1911

We’ve just published the ‘infirmity’ column of the 1911 census on If your ancestors completed this part of their census return, you’ll be able to see fresh information about your family’s illnesses and conditions in 1911.

Under data protection regulations, this potentially sensitive information had to remain hidden until now – we’ve just made it available for the first time.

It’s possible to discover really detailed information about your family’s health. The census image below shows Elizabeth Eleanor Thorp from Yorkshire who is recorded as having ‘one eye removed in 1907 for disease (gout)‘ – click the image to enlarge it.

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Other examples we’ve found in the infirmity column show that our ancestors weren’t afraid to reveal their quirks and eccentricities: ‘A taste for drink combined with gout’, ’stron and hearty would like to be married’ and ’sound as a bell thank god’.

We have also just revealed any recorded details of children born to women in prison who were aged three or under at the time of the census.

Until 31 January 2012, we’re offering you the chance to view the 1911 census at hugely reduced prices. View a 1911 census original image for 10 credits (previously 30) and a transcript for 5 credits (previously 10).

Any 1911 census images and transcriptions you viewed on will be free to view again. Make sure you take advantage of our reduced prices until 31 January 2012 – why wait?

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