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Fields transcibed from the original page

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

A number of people have asked why there is slightly more information on the original page than there is on the transcript. 

When we transcribe the census, we transcribe everything on the original form except for the number of people in the house. The reason we do not transcribe the number of people in the house is that we do not believe that it is a particularly useful piece of data to include in the search engine (very few people would know this information, although arguably it could be useful for sociologists analysing the data in bulk). The reason for creating the transcriptions is simply to allow us to build a search engine which can analyse the most useful information provided in the original pages and provide results based on this to guide you to the original pages.

So the only other information that is included on the original page but not on the transcription is the number of living children born to the marriage, number dead and number of rooms in the house.

Again the reason we do not include this on the transcript is because we do not believe that this information is particularly useful as a search field and it is therefore excluded from the search options as well. All other fields are included on the transcript as they are all available as options in the advanced search.

The concept and purpose of the transcripts on the 1911census site (and indeed all historical records) is to act simply as a finding aid for the original page.

We always recommend that family historians (as all good historians should) rely on the original record wherever possible as the single definitive source of truth, and also the source of those extra details - not necessarily useful to search for as unlikely to be known in advance with anything approaching certainty, but potentially valuable for further research.