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1911 Census subscriptions available in October

Monday, September 14th, 2009

We are delighted to announce that the 1911 census will be available in October as a new subscription package on our sister website will continue as a PayAsYouGo-only site. is the only site to offer a subscription to the census.

Subscriptions to the 1911 Census on will be available as two packages:

  • 12 months ‘1911′ subscription: £59.95 - the equivalent of viewing 15 transcripts and images using PayAsYouGo credits.
  • 6 months ‘1911′ subscription: £39.95 - the equivalent of viewing 10 transcripts and images using PayAsYouGo credits.

Money saving tip: if you plan to view fewer than 10 households, it will be cheaper for you to use PayAsYouGo credits rather than buying a subscription.

The 1911 Census has not been included within’s existing Explorer subscription. If you want comprehensive access to’s records, you can buy the Explorer and 1911 Census subscriptions together at a special introductory price, for a limited time. These discounted prices will be available for at least a month after the launch of the subscription:

  • 12 months ‘Explorer and 1911′: £119.95 - a saving of 20%
  • 6 months ‘Explorer and 1911′: £74.95 - a saving of 20%

Existing subscribers will be able to upgrade to the new combined subscription using their loyalty discount (currently 20%) at any time - if you decide to upgrade, we will automatically refund the remaining days of your current subscription at a daily rate and deduct this from the price of your new upgraded subscription. Existing subscribers will also get exclusive early access to the 1911 Census before it is made available to the general public.

The 1911 Census will be available as a subscription on no later than October 21st - to receive updates on the launch date, make sure you have opted in to receive newsletters from or

Finally, don’t forget that you can use your sign in details and credits on, and vice versa. If you plan to buy a 1911 Census subscription, now is a good time to use your remaining credits on the millions of other family history records available on We’ll add more detail on the 1911 census subscription to the site shortly - if you have any questions at the moment, please contact our Customer Support team.

Pricing and future subscription options

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

There have been many comments on the PayAsYouGo pricing and the fact that older censuses are nowadays available via subscription packages on other sites such as and

To be clear - there will be a subscription option later in 2009 which will allow you to access the 1911 Census for a fixed fee. This will only be available on will remain as a PayAsYouGo site.

Like the 1901 census - the only other census to make its original debut online and many other major releases of historical records (such as BT27 passenger lists on and DocumentsOnline at The National Archives), the site has been released on a PayAsYouGo basis to allow the general public (the vast majority of whom want only a few records) to access the records without buying a hefty subscription. We believe this is fair, as everyone gets charged for what they use.

The prices charged on the 1911census site reflect the significant costs in digitising the records and providing the online service. See our earlier posts for more detail on this and the cast of hundreds involved. We will add more information to the main site soon under the “How we digitise the census” section, but those of you who saw the TV news reports over the past few days probably have some idea of the scale of the project. Also see our post below for some video footage of how we digitise the census (apologies that it is as yet mostly unedited).

Earlier censuses cost significantly less to put online because:

  1. they were *much* smaller
  2. some of them were already filmed and did not need to be conserved, curated and lovingly scanned and checked by hand
  3. the online storage and retrieval costs of many more, higher-quality colour images is greater.

The 1911 is a different beast to earlier censuses and, we hope you’ll agree, provides rather a refreshing change in the level of detail provided.

We understand that heavier users (especially family historians and those researching one name studies) will want an “all you can eat” option and we’re committed to providing that on later in 2009. However, we cannot do it until the records are complete and as this is a moving target it would be unfair to give you any precise date, as it would be largely a guess.

For dedicated family historians with many ancestors to find, the price for each item will be cheaper within the subscription option available later, although the initial outlay for a subscription is higher, but for most people PayAsYouGo works out as a lower overall spend.